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“Try ideas before you’ve had time to think about the difficulties that might arise.”
-Inspiring story of the Walkman.

If the naysayers would just stay home sick, we could get some cool stuff done.

So imagine you’re one of the homeless people living Downtown or on Riverside. Your food needs are taken care of by either grifting for a few hours or going to a homeless shelter and getting food. You don’t work, you don’t do much of anything….so what can help pass all that time?

Neville Medhora describes his 5 day experiment of being homeless in Austin.

Probably the best thing on design I’ve read this year, from Joshua Porter.

Ramen profitable means a startup makes just enough to pay the founders’ living expenses.

At any given time there tends to be one problem that’s the most urgent for a startup. This is what you think about as you fall asleep at night and when you take a shower in the morning. And when you start raising money, that becomes the problem you think about. You only take one shower in the morning, and if you’re thinking about investors during it, then you’re not thinking about the product.

- Paul Graham

I’m assuming that most techy, start-uppy, people have read Graham’s essays, but if not you need to.

Picture 1

How does deceiving your customers on newsletter signups make business sense? And it was checked by default. And what the hell is Fandango FanMail.

“In time, success will come. And if it doesn’t, at least you’ll have spent your time doing something intrinsically worthwhile.”
-Eric Ries

If your project/idea/business flops, was your time wasted? Did it help anybody? Did you learn something new? That seems like a pretty good measuring stick for work worth doing.

I just found this great blog by Eric Sink. You’ll love it if you’re an indie developer trying to live the dream. BTW he calls us ISV’s (small independent software vendor).

My favorite nugget so far:

“The ‘No Sales Guy’ Approach… Listen to your customers and give them what they want. Keep your customers happy (they’ll tell all their friends how great you are).”

Update: I probably should have just linked to his index of articles titled Marketing for Geeks.

“Potential startup founders are always looking for ideas to implement, when they should be looking for problems to solve.”
- Margin Zwilling

I want to design the experience of a citizen being arrested and held in jail.

I will update as ideas and research flows.


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